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Learning Objectives

ARETE’s Personal Safety | Public Interaction & Compliance online course covers the essentials of safe and effective public engagement, including: building rapport, gaining compliance, managing escalated situations, and much more. ARETE training is not verbal judo or tactical communication training. We focus on customer conflict management rather than control, which reduces risk and increases voluntary compliance.

  • Increased personal confidence and motivation to safely engage people

  • Increased public co-operation and compliance with rules, regulations, legislation, conduct policies

  • Safe and effective strategies for approaching and communicating with the public

  • Reduced risk of workplace violence

  • Reduced personal stress for workers

Important Take-Aways

Public interactions can be dynamic and workers must be able to adapt in order to safely and effectively manage these interactions. This course provides best practices that can be used for a variety of circumstances. Workers learn that they do have choice in how they respond to difficult and sometimes volatile interactions; choices that inevitably determine the outcome. Renewed objectivity and increased confidence equals reduced stress, increased morale, improved safety and enhanced service motivation.

Choices in Communication

The level of risk is often determined by the communication choices made by workers in response to situations and people’s behaviours. This interactive course illustrates different approaches and the possible outcomes of using passive, overly authoritative, and assertive communication. While workers may have different communication styles, some approaches may be less effective and in some cases, increase risk.

Managing Low-Level Agitation to Escalated Threats

Although most people are reasonable and will respond positively to the best practices explored in this training, a small percentage will escalate and could become a threat. Workers need to recognize their limitations and personal safety must be the priority. This course demonstrates Safe Disengagement and outlines when the police or local authorities should be contacted.

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Loved this course! I've been working in animal shelters for over 20 years and this course is applicable to animal control officers, animal protection officers, reception staff, managers, and volunteers. I will highly recommend it to other people working in animal welfare.

Saskatchewan Parks

I found this training to be very informative and believe it will be very beneficial in the workplace, especially in my position. I think this training is applicable to all park employees.

City of Surrey

I believe any form of training will assist officers in doing a proper job. I found this course to be excellent, well done and held my interest.


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ARETE Training

Founded in 1992, ARETE Safety and Protection Inc. (pronounced – a ‘reh tay) has developed a unique approach to the prevention and management of workplace violence and conflict, setting us apart as the industry leader. ARETE has trained organizations throughout North America, from coast to coast, for thirty years. ARETE workshops receive acclaim as the most relevant, effective, and well-researched programs available; consistently praised for having a profoundly positive and empowering impact on participants’ work and personal lives.

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