The Restrictions Exemption Program has ended, and registration for the training program has closed. 

Employers with existing training codes can still have their staff complete training by July 1, 2022.

This training was made possible by the Province of Alberta, working in partnership with the Government of Canada to provide employment support programs and services.

COVID-19 Customer Conflict Management for Alberta Workers

ARETE’s unique online training gives employees the skills and confidence to implement the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) by learning how to safely request proof of vaccination, the wearing of masks, and responding to and de-escalate customer interactions.

What We Cover

Through use of realistic COVID-19 related video scenarios, ARETE’s workplace violence prevention expert presents ‘real-world’ communication strategies that give employees, supervisors and managers the tools needed to enhance personal safety while maintaining health and safety guidelines in their workplace.

  • Safely Request Proof of Vaccination

  • De-escalate Customer Anger and COVID-19 Related Complaints

  • Gain Customer Co-operation while Maintaining Excellence in Service

  • Maintain Safe Social Distance

  • Support Co-workers

  • Recognize Warning Signs + Disengagement Strategies

  • Enhance Customer Safety

Workplace Violence Prevention & De-escalation for Alberta Workers

Our unique and engaging violence prevention training gives employees the confidence and skills to safely respond to the continuum of client and customer conflict, from low-level agitation through to verbal abuse, aggression and escalated in-person threats.

What We Cover

This course is designed to create a shift in how workers perceive and respond to escalating behaviours and potential violence. As a result, workers assume greater responsibility for their safety, while recognizing their critical role in responding to situations and behaviours.

  • De-escalation Strategies | Video Review and Analysis

  • ARETE Awareness and Threat Assessment

  • Recognition of Warning Signs

  • Response to Customer Profanity, Abuse, Threats

  • Safe Disengagement Strategies

  • Pre-planning and Managing our Response

  • Co-worker Support

  • Personal Safety Concepts and Strategies

  • Safe Response to Robbery

  • Office Lockdown and Response to Armed Assailant

OnSide Workplace | Bullying and Harassment Prevention for Alberta Workers

Set the stage for a positive shift in how your team views and responds to workplace conflict. Our training supports staff and supervisors in assuming responsibility and taking action to create a workplace that all team members enjoy being a part of.

What We Cover

A majority of employees and supervisors understand what it means to conduct themselves in a way that fosters, enhances, and is generally consistent with a productive, professional, and respectful work environment. ARETE’s Bullying and Harassment training gives employees the skills, confidence and motivation to effectively speak up and address unwanted workplace behaviours before they escalate.

  • Identify and effectively respond to bullying, harassment, and other unwanted behaviours

  • Video scenario review and analysis

  • Enhance confidence and motivation to speak up using everyday communication

  • Take meaningful steps to support co-workers- 'not a bystander'

  • Increased self-awareness- think before we speak or act

  • Recognition of warning signs and safe response to escalated behaviours

  • Recognize what is not harassment

  • Address regulatory training requirements

Training Specialists

ARETE Training

Founded in 1992, ARETE Safety and Protection Inc. (pronounced – a ‘reh tay) has developed a unique approach to the prevention and management of workplace violence and conflict, setting us apart as the industry leader. ARETE has trained organizations throughout North America, from coast to coast, for thirty years. ARETE workshops receive acclaim as the most relevant, effective, and well-researched programs available; consistently praised for having a profoundly positive and empowering impact on participants’ work and personal lives.

The Restrictions Exemption Program has ended, and registration for the training program has closed.