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ARETE’s unique online training gives employees the confidence and practical skills to address COVID 19 health and safety related concerns in the workplace, including maintaining social distancing. Through use of realistic COVID 19 related video scenarios, ARETE’s workplace violence prevention expert presents ‘real world’ communication strategies that give employees, supervisors and managers the tools needed to enhance personal safety while maintaining health and safety guidelines in their workplace.

  • Maintaining Safe Distance

  • Safe, Effective and Respectful Communication

  • Gaining Customer Co-operation – Service Excellence

  • Recognizing warning signs

  • Disengagement strategies

  • Co-worker support

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Engaging Training That Inspires

Our COVID-19 training program is designed to give staff the skills and confidence to safely and professionally communicate COVID-19 health and safety guidelines in their workplaces. We use current language focused on COVID-19, while allowing flexibility around mandatory vs encouraged use of masks. A leading expert in workplace violence prevention takes participants through the steps of assessing risk via ARETE awareness levels, pre-planning, visualization, boundary setting, gaining compliance as well as key de-escalation strategies.

Effective Strategies to Gain Compliance and Maintain Personal Safety

ARETE’s leading edge training serves to create a shift in how employees perceive and respond to potential conflict with co-workers and escalated customer behaviours related to COVID-19. As a result, workers assume greater responsibility for their safety, while recognizing their critical role in maintaining a safe work environment.


Thinking of putting through a number of employees? We offer bulk pricing for larger groups. Please contact us through the email link below for more details.

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ARETE Training

Founded in 1992, ARETE Safety Training and Protection Inc. (pronounced – a ‘reh tay) has developed a unique approach to the prevention and management of workplace violence and conflict, setting us apart as the industry leader. ARETE has trained organizations throughout North America, from coast to coast, for thirty years. ARETE workshops receive acclaim as the most relevant, effective, and well-researched programs available; consistently praised for having a profoundly positive and empowering impact on participants’ work and personal lives.

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Workplace violence prevention training is also available for registration.