Please Note:

While Safely Requesting Customer Compliance does enhance employee safety, it is not intended as a stand-alone workplace violence prevention program. 

We strongly recommend that organizations ensure their employees have completed our comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention & De-escalation training prior to enrolling in this specific training.

Learning Objectives

Our engaging training gives employees the confidence and skills to safely, assertively and respectfully speak to customers, clients, and the general public about adhering to various rules and policies. This supplementary training module is designed to reduce the potential for an escalated response from the public as well as increase the possibility of co-operation and compliance.

  • The ARETE Compliance Approach™

  • Video Review and Analysis | Compliance Communication Strategies & Best Practices

  • Understanding Limitations & Putting Employee Safety 1st

  • How and When to Re-engage

  • Safe Disengagement Strategies

  • When to Contact Emergency Services

  • Effective Follow-up

  • Incident Documentation

Interactive Learning Experiences

Our learning process utilizes a multimedia approach, in which learners experience engaging video review and analysis, pre and post training surveys, numerous interactive exercises, self assessments as well as knowledge tests.

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Important Take-Aways

Public interactions can be dynamic and workers must be able to adapt in order to safely and effectively manage. This course provides best practices that can be used for a variety of circumstances. Workers learn that they do have choice in how they respond to difficult and sometimes volatile interactions.


  • Reduced Potential for Verbal Abuse and Threats of Violence

    Employees can be exposed to behaviours ranging from low-level resistance to verbal abuse, harassment, or acts of violence. We recognize that public compliance, as well as the level of risk, is often determined by the choices made by the employee.

  • Enhance Employee Safety and Confidence

    With personal safety as a priority and keeping focus on managing vs controlling the public, employees can make safer decisions, trust their intuition and recognize that violence prevention is ultimately the priority, not compliance.

  • Success in Gaining Compliance

    Certain communication styles can result in reasonable people becoming resistant and unreasonable people escalating their behaviours. When employees have the confidence and skills to build rapport, communicate assertively and maintain self-control, the potential for safe and successful interactions greatly increases.


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